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Will Ohman"Steven covers all the bases with his comprehensive approach to the art of pitching. I highly recommend his instruction and website as a vehicle to reach and achieve the next level of performance."
—Will Ohman, MLB pitcher

Scott Chiasson"I feel pitchers of all ages can greatly benefit from Steven's pitching instruction. The Complete Pitcher should be any serious pitchers primary information resource."
—Scott Chiasson, MLB pitcher

Mike Sirotka"Steven is an excellent pitching resource — from teaching basic throwing mechanics to preparing advanced pitchers for the next level."
—Mike Sirotka, MLB pitcher

Coach Alex Ferguson"I have found The Complete Pitcher to be the best online source because it covers all the bases: It is a useful tool not only for players of all ages, but also for coaches at any level."
—Coach Alex Ferguson, Northern State University

Coach Dan Davis"Steven has the background and experience to help pitchers learn the fundamentals of the game and do it in a healthy way."
—Coach Dan Davis, Truman State University

Luke Hagerty"If you want to be a complete pitcher, The Complete Pitcher should be your starting point. I highly recommend it!"
—Luke Hagerty, 2nd round draft pick (2002)

Coach Dewey Kalmer"I've been a college coach for 36 seasons. Steven Ellis's background at the Div. I level and in the minor leagues definitely qualifies him to give many inside tips that young players might not get elsewhere."
—Coach Dewey Kalmer, Bradley University

Ben Christensen"Well educated in the field of pitching, Steven Ellis will help you pitch to the best of your ability."
—Ben Christensen, 1st round draft pick

Brock Till"I think The Complete Pitcher is a great way to get vital information to use daily. As a professional pitcher, it's important to obtain accurate information to use in my everyday routines. With The Complete Pitcher, and thanks to Steven Ellis, I have this information at my fingertips."
—Brock Till, AAA pitcher

Your Source For Free Professional Baseball Pitching Instruction, Information, Tips And Articles To Help You Pitch Better

What causes sore arms? What's the best way to increase pitching velocity? How do you throw a curveball, a sinker or a slider? How can I develop better pitching mechanics? Where can I find effective pitching drills? How many baseball pitches should a young pitcher throw in a start? What's the best way to condition a pitcher - and what baseball pitching workouts are most effective? How can I improve my control? What basic baseball pitching grips do I need to know? ...

Baseball coaches, parents and players of all ages are always pondering these types of baseball questions. At TheCompletePitcher.com, we answer them for you.

Welcome to the Internet's largest and most comprehensive baseball pitching resource available – where you will discover all the fundamental skills, drills and training you need to become "the complete pitcher." Whether you're beginning pitching or a minor league prospect, we've got all your bases covered to help you train better, pitch smarter, throw more effectively and get to the next level faster.

Featuring free baseball
pitching tips on drills,
grips, mechanics
and more!

My name is Steven Ellis, and I'm a former Chicago Cubs pitching pro. Before I tell you about my free baseball pitching instruction, information, tips and articles, I want to teach you something I learned in professional baseball that can be applied at every level – from little league and high school pitching, to college baseball and beyond.

The truth is that successful pitching is incredibly rewarding. But there's more to it than throwing a baseball 90 mph – you must know what you're doing. You must get the right information. And you've got to work hard at practicing the right skills, the right way. Are you willing to put in the time that it takes to master the art and science of baseball pitching?

Throughout this website, you will find the very best baseball pitching training anywhere. But it is all completely useless if you are not truly dedicated to becoming better both on and off the field. That's something no baseball pitching coach, no pitching instructor and no parent in the world can force you to do – it has to come from within you. You have to want it bad enough to do what it takes to get great.

At the end of every day, ask yourself if you've done everything you could do to become a better baseball pitcher. For example, did you do some sort of throwing, or take the day off? Did you work refining some aspect of your pitching technique? Did you complete all of your conditioning exercises, or did you blow it off because nobody was watching? Did you think about the nutritional value of the foods you ate? Did you get enough sleep? Did you learn something new in baseball practice, in your game, or from observing your teammates or opponents? Did you work on ways to stay poised and composed despite errors in the field or booted calls from the umpire?

These are the types of questions that you should be asking yourself daily. These are the kinds of baseball pitching goals that you should be setting for yourself and implementing into your mental game plan as a successful pitcher.

If you can answer, "Yes!" to them then you've done a heck of a job – and you can be proud of your efforts. I don't care if you're making $15 million in the major leagues or you get cut from your Little League team. And I don't care if you're a Division 1 pitching coach or a mom who coaches her son from the bleachers. If you approach life like you approach your baseball pitching, you will be successful. Because that's what it takes!

Remember, pitching a baseball is fun. Challenging yourself to find out just how good you can be is what makes it fun. In the end, that's what life is all about – finding out just how good you can be at whatever it is you love to do.

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At TheCompletePitcher.com, we're all about pitching. The coaching techniques that you'll find in all my teachings concentrate on giving every pitcher, at any age, the mental edge and the latest in pitching bio-mechanics to ensure they learn how to throw harder with better control while staying injury free. It's a lot more fun when a pitcher takes the mound knowing he's in control!

While poor throwing mechanics can end a youth pitchers career almost before it starts, my methods for teaching pitching mechanics along with proper conditioning can give any player a big edge in velocity and control – and for the serious pitcher, even a shot at a college scholarship or pro ball. So what do you think? Are you ready to become the complete pitcher?

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Baseball Pitching Workouts

A complete workout and throwing program for high school, college and pro pitchers ages 14-19+

Title: The TUFFCUFF Strength & Conditioning Manual
Author: Steven Ellis
Spiral bound, 188 pages
Price: $64.95
Avg rating: (284 reviews)


Baseball Pitching Grips

Learn how to throw pitches using different baseball pitching grips

Title: Baseball Pitching Grips [NEW!]
Author: Steven Ellis
Ebook, 65 pages
Price: $24.95
Avg rating: (136 reviews)


Baseball Pitching Strategies

Learn baseball pitching strategies to outsmart any hitter or team

Title: Baseball Pitching Strategies [NEW!]
Author: Steven Ellis
Ebook, 82 pages
Price: $24.95
Avg rating: (103 reviews)


Baseball Pitching Tips

Learn essential baseball pitching tips for young players

Title: Baseball Pitching Tips [NEW!]
Author: Steven Ellis
Ebook, 105 pages
Price: $24.95
Avg rating: (143 reviews)

The Pitching Manual

A complete training guide for youth pitchers ages 8-13

Author: Steven Ellis and Chris McCoy
Spiral bound, 90 pages
Price: $64.95
Avg rating: (156 reviews)


Baseball Pitching Drills

Learn baseball pitching drills to develop rock-solid mechanics

Title: Baseball Pitching Drills [NEW!]
Author: Steven Ellis
Ebook, 76 pages
Price: $24.95
Avg rating: (219 reviews)


The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching

Learn pro-level baseball pitching instruction for experienced players

Title: The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Pitching
Author: Steven Ellis
Paperback or Ebook, 164 pages
Price: $42 (paperback); $37 (Ebook)
Avg rating: (76 reviews)


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