TUFFCUFF Jr - The Ultimate Youth Pitching Program for Kids 7-14

"Steve Ellis's program is excellent. What I really appreciate as a father is the improvement I've seen in my son's discipline and commitment using this training guide—he can easily follow the conditioning drills and arm care routines on his own, but we also do it together."

John Lambert, Dad, Whittier, CA

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What's in the program?

TUFFCUFF Jr features a complete year-round training and throwing plan that's age-appropriate and safe for developing elite youth pitchers (ages 7-14).

  • Pitching Mechanics

    Learn how to develop safe and effective pitching mechanics that promote a long healthy career.

  • Velocity

    Many pitchers see their average velocity rise from the mid-50’s mph to the low-60’s in just 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Control

    Learn how to throw more strikes with simple techniques to improve accuracy and control.

  • Conditioning

    Learn functional strength and flexibility exercises that support proper movement patterns.

  • Throwing Program

    Learn the fundamentals of throwing properly with a routine to maintain a strong and healthy arm.

  • Mental Toughness

    Learn how to stay focused on the pitcher’s mound, regardless of what’s going on around the field.

  • Strategy

    Find out what pitches to throw and when to throw them to keep hitters off balance.

  • Arm Care

    Learn how to take care of the pitching arm utilizing resistance training with attention to the rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers.

Good habits formed early make all the difference

A young player will take an important step in building a solid foundation in proper pitching mechanics, developing strength and flexibility, and acquiring confidence with this training program.

When young pitchers injure their arms, besides poor mechanics, many times it's the pitchers weak legs, hips and trunk that contribute to the problem. When the legs, hips and trunk are weak, coupled with poor mechanics, the arm takes most of the stress of the throw.

You've probably heard coaches say: "He throws with just his arm." What they really mean is he doesn't know how to use his hips and trunk to provide the power.

But when pitchers learn how to throw with good mechanics, and understand how to train and then use their hips and trunk, they begin to throw with a more powerful yet effortless delivery. And of course with less stress.

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  • Durable coil-bound UV coating, perfect for taking with you to train
  • 60-day no risk guarantee

Plus, for a limited time only you also get a royal blue 100% silicon bracelet with the TUFFCUFF logo and No Excuses printed along the outside (a $5.50 value, yours FREE). It's the perfect reminder for your son to stay on track and be stronger than his excuses.

Besides getting the absolute best off-season conditioning program for youth pitchers, you also get a complete in-season routine so you can help your son stay strong all season long.

And remember, I fully guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the training program.

Try it out for 60 days at no risk. You be the judge. See how much stronger your son gets without losing flexibility. And along with good mechanics, watch that fastball jump and confidence grow... order now:

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