TUFFCUFF Pro - Strength & Conditioning Program for Baseball Pitchers

"Best pitching workout I've found... In the first 2 months my son did the workouts, he added 7 mph on his fastball. In a year's time, he's added close to 15 mph. He just turned 15 and the first time they put a radar gun on him in high school he hit 78 mph. We still have some work to do, but his high school career is off to a great start."

Gary F., Dad, Cleburne, TX

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What's in the program?

TUFFCUFF Pro is a complete and structured baseball weight training, conditioning and throwing program for serious pitchers.

The same training methods used throughout MLB

This program is designed for highly motivated pitchers that want to maximize athletic performance with a complete and structured year-round training plan

The only thing that you can completely control in this game is how well you prepare for the season and each game. The primary goal of this MLB pitchers conditioning program is to prepare you for the increased workload of the season ahead. A pitcher who is in top shape will be able to throw harder, avoid fatigue, maintain pitching mechanics and velocity late in games, and recover quicker between innings and games. Put the time in NOW for max results your next season!

With detailed training tips, analysis, and illustrations TUFFCUFF Pro can help any dedicated pitcher unlock new avenues toward reaching their goals.

Warm-Up Exercises

  • The warm-up routines in TUFFCUFF Pro will prepare your body for exercise performance by taking you through a series of innovative and dynamic movements to increase your core temperature, ready your nervous system for physical activity, improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

Cardiovascular Exercises

  • TUFFCUFF Pro places a heavy emphasis on sprint work, which trains the same phosphagen energy system used in pitching and helps increase anaerobic capacity and power. Stationary bike and swimming programs are included, as well.

Agility Exercises

  • A pitcher’s ability to quickly accelerate, decelerate and change direction (with speed) plays a big role in his fielding and defensive success. The agility exercises in TUFFCUFF Pro will improve your speed-of-movement technique and challenge your first-step burst, quickness, acceleration and change-of-direction movement patterns.

Rotator Cuff Exercises

  • Elite pitchers generate peak shoulder internal rotation angular velocity of ~7,600 deg/sec, meaning the shoulder could rotate a full 360° more than 21 times per second. It’s one of the fastest human movements. It also places high stress on the four small rotator cuff muscles that run from the shoulder blade (scapula) to the top of the upper arm (humerous). The specific rotator cuff exercises in TUFFCUFF Pro will strengthen your shoulder complex.

Scapular Stabilization Exercises

  • The scapula (shoulder blade) is primarily responsible for decelerating the pitching arm following ball release. The scap exercises in TUFFCUFF Pro will help strengthen and improve the mobility of the stabilizing muscles in your shoulders and upper back to prevent injury.

Core Stabilization Exercises

  • During the pitching motion, the core muscles act to stiffen the torso (abdominal bracing) so that power generated at the hips is transmitted more effectively through the mid section to the upper body. As a result, elite pitchers are able to produce max velocity through the kinetic chain by using their muscles in a synchronized order, transferring force from the ground up through the core and following out into the baseball. The core exercises in TUFFCUFF Pro will help you rev up your pillar strength by targeting your abdominals, torso and lower back muscles.

Plyometric Exercises

  • Plyometrics training links functional strength developed in the weight room with movement speed to produce muscular power. The plyo exercises in TUFFCUFF Pro will improve your Rate of Force Development, or simply how fast you can develop force (explosive strength). RFD is highly correlated to pitching velocity; a faster RFD results in a more explosive fastball.

Medicine Ball Exercises

  • The medicine ball training in TUFFCUFF Pro utilizes rapid, powerful upper body movements within a full range of motion to develop explosiveness and rotational force.

Functional Strength Exercises

  • Over the years, baseball strength and conditioning methods have evolved toward greater emphasis on functional training. These pitcher-specific exercises and guidelines will allow you to maximize your performance on the mound.

Recovery and Regeneration

  • portion of this program features a series of post-workout exercises and activities to recover—mentally and physically—from the rigors of your training days. The better and more rapidly you recover, the more quickly your body adapts and the sooner you can do another high-intensity workout. That means better gains and faster improvements.


  • Nutrition

Throwing Program

  • Long toss, bullpen, interval throwing plan, off-season, weighted baseball


  • Long toss, bullpen, interval throwing plan, off-season, weighted baseball

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